Design Projects


Logofolio - Apps & Software

This 'Logofolio' showcases three logos that I designed for different products at Design Interactive. Each logo is simple and unique. Each logo's icon represents characteristics of the respective product. An image in the above gallery has a description of each.

BFDO 2017 Logo Design

Logo design for the 2017 Buffalo Flying Disc Open, a PDGA approved disc golf tournament held annually in Buffalo, New York. This year's design was kept clean, bold and simple so it was clear and could read from a distance whether on a disc or t-shirt.

Sapphire Inn & Suites Branding Concept

Sapphire Inn & Suites is a fictional hotel concept. The idea was inspired by a rejected sketch from a different logo design project. I liked the idea and wanted to finalize it, and then go a step further and create branded materials to go along with it. I opted for a simple but elegant design. I like to think the Sapphire Inn & Suites would be a quaint, reserved urban getaway, a hidden gem in the rough.

Wayne Enterprises Logo

I'm a huge fan of comic books and superhero stories, and an even bigger fan of the films based on the source material. Several iterations of the Wayne Enterprises logo have appeared in film, both in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, and the more recent films by Zack Snyder for the DCEU. I wanted to create my own version of the logo, but make it clean and modern. The W icon was inspired by the famous Bat Symbol, and reminiscent of the shape of the Batwing ship.

Breakline Capital Logo

Logo designed for a financial consulting firm. Breakline, a fishing term, refers to a point of change in the structure of the subsurface.

BFDO 2016 Fundraiser Disc Design

This design was printed on a limited amount of discs, which were then sold to raise funds for the 2016 Buffalo Flying Disc Open.

Zoma Apparel Logo

Logo designed for an upcoming apparel line, and conceptual clothing mockups that utilize the logo in different colors and styles.

Buffalo Flying Disc Open - 2015

Logo design for the first annual Buffalo Flying Disc Open, a PDGA C Tier professional disc golf tournament. The design was printed on discs and t-shirts, which were then distributed to every player in the tournament, or sold as a fundraiser for the next year. I also created a few promo materials for the tournament, including a facebook banner image and flyer. The tournament is still running annually.

Student Work


My older brother and I once both worked in the same craft beer store in Buffalo, NY. Over the years, school and then jobs brought us to different parts of the country, but I wanted to create a project that commemorates our love for craft beer and celebrates our roots. The bold, minimalistic packaging would stand out on the crowded shelves that we once knew all too well. To represent both myself and my brother, I needed a slogan that spoke to the nature of the product, as well as our namesake:   Line em' up, knock em' down.

Horizon White Rum Concept

Horizon White Rum was a branding project targeted at a female demographic. I liked the idea that the horizon is infinite, it never ends. The 'H' in Horizon is shaped like an infinity symbol to reinforce that idea. I tied a bow in the same shape, photographed it, and composited it into the bottle mockup. The thoughtfulness, delicacy, and detail of the bow was meant to help the product stand out from others.

Harley Davidson Revolt concept

This goal of this project was to rebrand the Harley Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle identity and create something that was more in line with their brand's traditional image and characteristics. I wanted to keep the rebellious, revolutionary aspects but add a 'spark' of electricity. REVOLT. A word that speaks to the rebellious nature of the product, and also hints at it's electric nature. I made a sleeker shape for the shield and used modern typography. I designed the shield logo to look strong, yet sleek if it were to be put on the side of the motorcycle. I hinted at electricity anywhere I could, including the bolts in the shield outline, and the tagline 'Spark A Revolution'.