Color Correction Reel

I put this color correction reel together using b-roll and other clips I captured over the last year or so. I wanted the footage to get used somehow, so I created this reel that shows the raw footage before, then swipes to reveal the color corrected footage after.

AMC TMC SuperTech Teaser Trailer

Teaser promo for the American Trucking Associations Technology & Maintenance Council in the style of an epic movie trailer. By the year 2022, the industry could be in need of up to 75,000 technicians due to retirement and growth. This video aims to highlight the growing need for new talent, and hint at how emerging technologies like mobile gaming and virtual reality can be used to attract people to the industry, and train them better than ever. To see more check back for the full version soon! Filmed on location in Orlando, FL.

MedAR - Combat Casualty Care

MedAR is an augmented reality procedural training solution for combat casualty care, developed by Design Interactive. Real-time feedback and accurate physiological models provide high quality performance tracking. After action review provides further insight into the root cause of performance issues. I didn't design the MedAR software, but was responsible for creating a marketing video.


Fluorescein is the chemical in highlighters that makes them glow under UV light. In this video, I dropped that fluid into a tank lit with blacklights. I layered the footage and used different blend modes to add depth and overlapping action. The graphic that appears throughout is the chemical diagram of fluorescein. The goal of this "experimental video" was to edit to the music and have fun.


This demo reel showcases some of my best video projects and other student work from my time as a Digital Art & Design student.


I took a ski trip to Crested Butte, Colorado in January 2017 with a few friends. We all used GoPro cameras throughout the trip, so once I got home, I got to work & put together a video so we could all have it as a way to remember a great trip with great friends. *Explicit lyrics*

I made this animation just for fun and for my love of all things Star Wars. I wanted to play in After Effects, and thought Star Wars was the perfect theme for a quick personal project. Thanks to Matthew Stevenson - for the amazing saber hilt Illustration.


Student Projects


This project was created in 2014 at Full Sail University. The assignment was to create a video ad or tv spot. My concept was that Vic Firth drum sticks sound so good, "you don't even need a drum kit". It was a silly idea, but a ton of fun to film, and even more fun to edit.

New Era Projection Mapping Collaboration

Collaboration between fellow designer Kate Meehan and myself. The idea was to use projection mapping in an ad for New Era Cap Co. in a way that would seem 'cool' to a younger male demographic. I helped art direct the shoot and operated the camera.

Emery island disc golf resort AD

Conceptual ad for a fictional resort called Emery Island that centers around the sport of disc golf. It was part of a branding identity and ad campaign, the rest of which you can find on my Design page. Thanks to my college roommate Lou for being my talent.


Behind The Scenes